Everyone should have an estate plan regardless
of economic status. Without one, how will your
family know what
Matters Most To You?

A Thorough Plan
Will Answer All Of These Questions:

  • Who will care for my minor children if something happens to me?

  • Who will own and manage my assets, including my family business, when I am gone?

  • Who will pay my bills when I am incapacitated?

  • Who will be my advocate for my medical decisions?

  • Will my estate have to pay taxes?

  • Will my heirs have to go through a probate court?

  • How to I ensure that my grandchildren
    receive an inheritance?

  • I wrote my plan 10 years ago. Will it still accomplish my original intentions?

  • How should I designate beneficiaries on my life insurance or IRA?

  • How do I provide for my children when I
    also have step-children?